Website development brief

Your Email
Your name
Describe your project in few sentences
Everything that can be important for website development
Website type
Estimated project launch dates
What task should the website solve?
For example, register an audience for an event
How will customers get to the website?
For example, targeting / contextual advertising / search engines / Instagram
How do you get leads now?
For example, website / Instagram
Who is the target audience?
For example, purchasing managers from large cities, up to 40 years old
Links to the websites of your main competitors
Links to websites you like
At least 3 examples (not necessarily from your area)
What emotions should the website evoke from visitors
For example, it is a reliable company or is it an expensive company
What type of design do you want to get in terms of creativity
On a 10-point scale, where 1 is a simple website, 10 is a festival-level website
What is the main target action on your website
For example, buying a product / filling out an application for feedback / subscribing to a newsletter
What are the secondary goals, if you cannot achieve the main goal
For example, leave contacts or subscribe to a newsletter
What pages or blocks are planned on the site
For example, Home, About company, Services, etc.
Describe the approximate structure of the home page
What functionality should the site have
For example, Shopping Cart, Newsletter Subscription, Catalog, etc.
How many language versions will the website have?
(each additional language version is estimated at 25% of the cost of creating a website)
Is Tilda CRM setup required?
Do I need to set up notifications to the users mail after completing the target action (ordering / registering)?
Do i need to connect payment systems? If so, which ones?
What materials for the website are there now (texts, photos, videos ...)
Do you need support after website launch?
Prices are discussed individually, depending on the volume of work
Do you have any brand colors, if so, please specify them in RGB format:
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