I solve the problems of your business with the help of effective design on Tilda. I make clear, logical and convenient websites, taking into account the needs of your user.

Not just beautiful, but functional.

Website creation process:
1. Task description
The more precisely you formulate what you need, the better I will understand the task and the more productive our communication will be :)

At this stage, you provide ready-made content for future website, and also make an advance payment at the rate of 50%.
2. Briefing
I provide you withvthe link to fill out the brief – basic important information about your future website. I analyze your niche, competitors, market, target audience.
3. Planning
After briefing, analyzing and getting the content, I create a prototype (technical skeleton) of the main and additional pages.
4. Design

Based on the approved prototype, I create the design of the main and additional pages in Figma. I transfer the design to Tilda, adapt it for all devices.

After making the second half of the payment, the website is transferred to your account, where all services, domain, https, CRM are connected.
Website tranfer to your Tilda account
Estimated cost:
from 300$
from 500$
from 800$
Landing page on Tilda from 300$
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It's totally free
Multi-page website on Tilda from 450$
Let's discuss your project!
It's totally free
E-commerce on Tilda from 500$
Let's discuss your project!
It's totally free
or leave a short description of the project you need website for:
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